Rhodesian Ridgeback Information

Living with Ridgebacks.

Ridgebacks are first and foremost hounds. So unless you are a reasonably energetic person and enjoy walking they are not the dog for you. However, given a long walk in the morning they will be happy to curl up on their bed or if allowed, your sofa and snooze the rest of the morning away. They love company and are not a dog to enjoy being left on their own for long periods.

Living with Ridgeback dogsA well trained ridgeback is a joy to live with, however without basic training; they can develop into an unruly hound. Ridgebacks love their food so with the modern style of training dogs with titbits they are very fast to learn and fun to do basic obedience with.
They should all be capable of doing the Kennel club Good Citizens Awards. These are: Foundation Puppy, Bronze, Silver, & Gold awards. All my current dogs have passed the Bronze awards and Niketta (Just Niketta of Eagleridge) has passed both the Silver & Gold Awards. Eagleridge Chelsea has passed the Silver award & is currently working towards her Gold.


Ridgebacks love to run and will Chase if allowed.

Running Ridgeback
The ridgeback was bred to track game and Lions and is a fearless hunter; however in today’s current climate this is a trait which owners must be aware of. They should never be let of the lead, if there is sheep or deer around. Even a well behaved ridgeback will be sorely tested if it comes across a sheep that runs away. Any farmer observing a dog chasing his livestock is legally able to shoot it. So be safe in the countryside and keep your dog on the lead if there are farm animals or game around..

Rabbits and squirrels are also of great interest to a ridgeback and hares are an even bigger challenge. Deer are the biggest challenge so always takes care when walking in area’s where deer frequent. The countryside code makes it an offence to hunt with dogs.



Ridgebacks play Rough.

Playing Ridgeback dogs

Ridgebacks like to chase each other and can play exceeding rough, this trait is not appreciated by all other dog owners so before you let your dog of in the park or even at training club, do make sure you have a good recall and don’t let them mug small dogs. Most puppies like to carry their toys from a young age so try and teach them to retrieve their toys then take their favourite toy with you to the park and use it as a distraction if trouble is looming.

Ridgebacks and Agility.

Before any dog can do agility it must be over 12 months old and you must have done basic obedience as you do need good control to compete even if it’s for pure fun. There are now a lot more clubs involved with agility, my dogs love it.

Ridgebacks and Children.

Ridgebacks and children get along very well as long as a few guide lines are followed. If your ridgeback is part of the family before the children arrive. Make sure when you bring the baby home that the ridgeback is not excluded, however never leave any small child or baby alone unattended with any dog. Babies cry and when a dog is not used to the sounds of a small child this can be very unsettling to any dog. Your dog must at all times be able to remove its self from any situation it feels unsettled with. Ridgeback dogs and ChildrenNearly all dog bites in any breed are the result of a dog being put in a situation where it’s only defence, when threaten is to bite because it is not able to retreat. Ridgebacks are extremely tolerant of children if brought up with them, and it is a characteristic of the breed, however neither children or adults should ever be allowed to tease them, they are very strong dogs who if allowed, will play rough, and this habit should never be encouraged.
Children must also be taught to respect the puppy or adult dogs space and all dogs should have their own bed preferably in a quiet corner where they can retreat for peace and quiet.
If you decide to allow your dogs onto the furniture do make sure that from a very early age they under stand that if requested to do so they must get of without protest.

Dog bedAlthough I would never allow a dog to guard its own bed, it must be accepted that this is the dogs retreat and sleeping place, however a dog must never be allowed to guard its place on your furniture, otherwise you are heading for trouble.